How Trusted Teams Reengaged Previous Customers with a New Offer


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The start of a new program

Trusted Teams has been in business since 2001. Headed by CEO and Founder, Chinwe Grace Jones, Trusted Teams travels across the United States, hosting leadership workshops for managers and senior leaders

Prior to using We-Connect, Trusted Teams wasn’t doing too much on LinkedIn. Chinwe explained, “It becomes a little too much when you’re traveling.” At the minimum, she was sending birthday messages and replying to certain posts when she found extra time in her schedule.

Earlier in 2023, Chinwe identified a gap in the coaching industry. She explained to us, “Managers would leave my workshops all charged and excited, but when they had to go back to their teams, they wished I was still available.”

So, Chinwe expanded Trusted Team’s service offerings and announced the start of HIGHER, a new flagship program. That's where We-Connect came in.

“I needed a way to get the message out,” Chinwe shared with us. “The concept of having to reach out to 500 managers one-by-one was not a reality.”

Creating the first campaign

“We-Connect gave me an opportunity to reach out to [previous clients] without physically being there and doing it. It’s saved me a lot of time,” Chinwe told us.

It took Trusted Teams 15 minutes to set up its first campaign, minus the messaging. Chinwe compared her time savings to the manual alternative, saying, “It would take me probably 10 minutes for each message.”

Additionally, Chinwe noted that We-Connect has compelled her to be cognizant of who she was messaging. “It made me realize who I wanted to message and build a better-categorized list of contacts,” Chinwe said.

From her first campaign, Chinwe has seen a boost in engaged responses and renewed connections. She’s still waiting for the end results, however, she noted that as she continues to add touchpoints, her campaigns will provide better results.

We-Connect as a solution for clients

Apart from Trusted Teams, Chinwe acts as a fractional COO for a tech firm. From her personal experience using We-Connect at Trusted Teams, she built an in-depth campaign targeting her tech client’s audience.

Based on the results of that campaign, Chinwe’s client, “was inspired to move away from what they were using, Waalaxy, to We-Connect,” Chinwe explained. Two of the deciding factors that benefitted We-Connect was the simple UI and the unlimited potential of campaigns. Compared to competing tools, Chinwe’s tech client appreciated the “set and forget” aspect of We-Connect.

“I was really impressed that I was able to [set up a 10-touch point campaign] without having to worry about being in my client’s LinkedIn account,” Chinwe said.

In the future, Chinwe is looking forward to continuing her retargeting campaigns, as well as setting up regular touch points to build rapport with leads.

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