How Talent Collective Boosted Its ROI With We-Connect’s Event Promotion

Talent Collective

Talent Collective is a non-profit membership community empowering women in talent acquisition through personalized professional development and leadership training.



Company Size

2-10 employees

Features Used

Event promotion, smart sequences

Customize Your Approach to Outreach Automation

Natalie Stones is the Founder of two companies: Talent Collective & Talent Refinery. The former is dedicated to educating other female recruiters. The latter focuses on Natalie’s own skills, where she acts as a fractional head of talent for startups and small businesses.

After trying other automation tools, Natalie landed on We-Connect. She uses the tool at both businesses for a wide range of tasks. At Talent Refinery, she leverages We-Connect for her business development efforts and to find qualified talent for her clients. At her non-profit, she runs event promotion campaigns with automated follow-up messages.

We talked to Natalie about how We-Connect has improved her business. Hear what she had to say in the video.

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