How Process to Profits Saves Its Client’s Time With We-Connect

Process to Profits

Process to Profits is a business development and consulting company helping small businesses break the six-figure plateau.


Business Development & Consulting

Company Size

2-10 employees

Features Used

Smart sequences, automated follow-ups

A Sustainable Approach To Lead Generation

Before We-Connect, Kevin Wathey, founder of Process to Profits, tried his hand at manual prospecting. In an effort to find more time in his day, he delegated this task to his team. “It was a very time-consuming and troublesome process,” he told us.

Since using We-Connect for a little under a year, Kevin has managed to simplified his customer intake process, generate thousands of conversations, and, most importantly, free up time in his day.

Watch our interview with Kevin Wathey and learn how he’s getting the most out of We-Connect:

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