Automated Messaging Campaigns Boosted Live Yoga Teacher's Client Acquisition

Live Yoga Teachers

Live Yoga Teachers is a tool for yoga teachers to manage their live stream classes and an easy-to-use platform for people to book classes. On top of the group live online classes, the platform now offers online private yoga classes and in-person/online corporate yoga classes.


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Features Used

Connection request, Smart sequences, event invitations, automated follow-ups

Say Goodbye to Imposter Syndrome with Automation

At the start of the pandemic, Elodie Gythiel, co-founder of Live Yoga Teachers, started practicing yoga live stream, like many other yoga practitioners. She realized there was potential for live-streaming yoga to stay, and she founded Live Yoga Teachers – an online marketplace for students to find yoga classes and for teachers to market their classes.

Elodie and her co-founder split the workload of running their company. While her co-founder handles the IT side of things, she manages the marketing, sales, and customer service for 2 types of clients: yoga teachers and yoga students. She explained to us, “I am only one person targeting two audiences, so I really need tools for that. That’s why I looked into We-Connect.”

Prior to using We-Connect, Elodie wasn’t focusing on LinkedIn for her SEO Consultant activity. She was getting most of her leads via her close network and coworking space. “Contacting people you don’t know is a little scary, and the imposter syndrome makes it really hard to actually send an invitation request.”

That’s when Elodie found We-Connect. “We-Connect removed that pressure, that fear of sending a connection request,” said Elodie. You set it up, and it gets sent out when you’re not around, so you don’t worry about it. “Now that I’ve used We-Connect for the startup, I’m going to use it for my SEO business as well.”

How Elodie Provides Value in Cold Message Outreach

Part of Live Yoga Teacher’s success using We-Connect can be tied directly to Elodie’s messaging. Instead of positioning herself as a salesperson marketing her platform, Elodie builds a relationship with each connection – explaining that she’s a yoga student creating a platform that will benefit both students and teachers.

After perfecting her messaging through multiple tests, Elodie has built a 5-step sequence that’s both concise and precise. It starts with an invitation to connect, in which Elodie “makes sure that leads can’t say no.”

The second step in the sequence dives into more details about Live Yoga Teachers. More importantly, Elodie’s messaging covers how Live Yoga teachers can add value to her prospect’s life.

In the third part of the sequence, Elodie takes things to the next level by inviting contacts to a demo, and 4th sequence is an invite to a webinar about SEO for yoga teachers.

“Leads on LinkedIn are often keen to know more about digital marketing, so this works pretty well, with a higher conversion rate than cold emailing, for example.”

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