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Houseware is a product and analytics solution that helps large-scale consumer businesses make informed decisions using quantitative data. Industry: Product marketing & analytics


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Company growth leads to outsourcing

LinkedIn has been a primary channel for Houseware since the company was founded in 2021. Even in its infancy, co-founder and CEO, Divyansh Saini, was reaching out to potential partners to advise him on how to build the right product and solve the right problem.

“I would manually reach out to people,” Divyansh explained. “As the company grew, I realized that that process was not going to scale very well.” Divyansh realized his team needed to reach out to more people using a targeted and analytical approach. That’s when Houseware stumbled across We-Connect.

Building a funnel for long-term success

Houseware has leveraged We-Connect in two major ways. The first is through outreach to a narrow ideal customer profile. Divyansh’s team qualifies prospects through technographical, geographical, and demographic criteria. After importing lists of these prospects to We-Connect, Divyansh invites them to his network and shares industry-specific content of value with them.

“There’s a very thin percentage of people who are out there buying software,” Divyansh said. Because of that, Houseware established a 12-month cycle through We-Connect with a different touch point each month.

“The ease of setting up a campaign is what I find to be the most snazzy part of We-Connect.”

Divyansh Sani, CEO of Houseware

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