Transforming Document Management: ACI's Journey with We-Connect

Ash Conversions International (ACI)

ACI is revolutionizing document management through streamlined processes. By harnessing the power of automation, ACI significantly enhances business efficiency and performance.


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Finding the Right Tool for Relationship Building:

In their pursuit of more efficient marketing strategies, ACI experimented with various approaches. Initially allocating their budget to Google Ads yielded no significant results. A European sales enablement tool, despite leveraging multiple lead databases, also failed to generate responses from qualified prospects. ACI explored email copywriters and alternative automation tools without success.

Enter We-Connect:

ACI's turning point came with the discovery of We-Connect. Describing the implementation as remarkably simple, they had their first campaign up and running within a day. Over a year later, they express their satisfaction: "We've stuck with [We-Connect] because A, you're not gouging on the price, and B, you help us meet our goals." They commend We-Connect for consistently adding valuable capabilities to the platform without increasing prices.

Establishing ACI as an Authority in Document Management:

ACI aimed to position itself as an authority in document management. Employing invite connection campaigns with automatic withdrawal after 30 days, they witnessed a substantial increase in connections, averaging about 50 new connections monthly.

With over 40 years in document management, ACI has transitioned its focus from paid ads to SEO and LinkedIn outreach. We-Connect played a pivotal role in presenting ACI's profile as an industry leader to new leads, evident in the growing follower count.

Future Endeavors with We-Connect:

In their upcoming campaign, ACI plans to leverage We-Connect for a weekly message sequence sharing best practices in document management. Their emphasis is on relationship-building rather than direct sales, aiming to foster connections that can evolve into future sales.

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