AI Assist - Revolutionizing LinkedIn Outreach for Smarter Prospecting!

AI Assist is a powerful tool designed to enhance your LinkedIn prospecting experience in three unique ways.

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Get Detailed Profile Summaries

Say goodbye to the days of manually scanning prospects’ LinkedIn profiles to find relevant information. Instead, AI Assist will intelligently analyze the critical details from any profile to present you with a concise summary of that prospect's professional achievements, skills, interests, and relevant connections. This empowers you to craft a highly personalized outreach message, increasing the likelihood of receiving a response.

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Simplify Conversation Threads

It can be overwhelming to keep track of conversation threads during a messaging campaign. Using AI Assist, you can simplify this process by breaking down the essential points of a conversation in an easy-to-read summary. By doing so, you’ll be able to quickly understand the context of past conversations and identify potential opportunities for engagement.

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Personalized Message Generation

Using the data gathered from your prospect's LinkedIn profiles and conversation threads, AI Assist crafts highly relevant messages that resonate with your leads. Say goodbye to generic and impersonal prospecting messages – AI Assist ensures your outreach is authentic, engaging, and tailored to each prospect, increasing your chances of building fruitful relationships.

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Benefits of AI Assist for Your Prospecting Efforts:


Time-Saving Efficiency

AI Assist streamlines the process of gathering and understanding information about your prospects, saving you precious time and allowing you to focus on more critical tasks.


Personalized Outreach

With the insights provided by AI Assist, you can create personalized messages that make a lasting impact on your prospects, leading to higher response rates and conversions.


Enhanced Engagement

By referencing relevant details from your prospect's profile and past interactions, AI Assist helps create meaningful conversations, fostering stronger connections and rapport with prospects.


Increased Conversion Rate

AI Assist empowers you to make data-driven decisions, leading to more effective prospecting strategies and ultimately increasing your conversion rate.

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Joshua TB

Master Trainer

Fantastic software and customer service!

This software is very simple to use and saves us so much time and money! I've been able to grow my business significantly in the past month because of this software - without spending hours trying to connect, message, and follow up with people who never respond. The live chat customer support has been really helpful in resolving all our issues.

Joanne R


Highly recommend and have recommended to others

Very easy to set up and use, the support team are so good with any help needed but it is so easy to use. It runs in the background and saves me a huge amount of time.

Max B


The best value for money marketing tool I've used.

Takes the grind out of marketing and has a really helpful interface to track responses - it means you can gather meaningful KPI's. It also educated you about using LinkedIn as a marketing platform. I'm able to send out 700 connections automatically, each week, when I want and We-Connect tracks them for me.

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